Tracにガントチャートプラグイン導入@Debian Etch



# wget


tracgantt.* = enabled

due_assign = text
due_assign.label = Due to assign
due_assign.value = DD/MM/YYYY

dependencies = text
dependencies.label = Dependencies
dependencies.value =

due_close= text
due_close.label = Due to close
due_close.value = DD/MM/YYYY

include_gantt = checkbox
include_gantt.label = Include in GanttChart
include_gantt.value =

# The format of dates entered by humans in the above ticket fields
date_format = %m/%d/%Y

# Include the ticket summary in the gantt chart display
include_summary = true

# Trim the included summary to the given number of characters
summary_length = 16

# Use the creation date of a ticket as the "due assign" date if no
# assignment date is given
use_creation_date = true

# Show on the gantt chart the date the ticket was opened, to contrast
# with the assignment date.
show_opened = true